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A Slippery Slope

Infrastructure, healthcare, Welfare reform, all need to be addressed and I’m excited for solutions to be presented:


Taking Full Advantage of Possible Tax-Free Growth

In December 2017, President Trump and his republican-held Congress passed a sweeping corporate tax reform bill lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to just 21%*. This is a permanent decrease of corporate taxation that will remain in place until both houses of Congress pass a bill to increase it. To read more about this, check out Joel’s full article here:

The Financial Crisis 10 year Anniversary

In 2008 our country’s entire banking and financial system came to a screeching halt as we realized that the exotic debt instruments that had been created to finance the housing bubble, were possibly, a little too exotic. These Collateralized Debt Obligations, were packaged up and sold to large banking institutions as “Sure Things”, and in the end, caused the bankruptcy of multiple different financial firms. Well, happy 10 year anniversary! To read more, click here:

Mixed Signals and Interest Rates

To say that the investing climate over the last four months has been challenging, would be an understatement. To read Joel’s take on the “mixed signals and interest rates,” check out his article here:

The “New” New Year’s Resolution

I was just reading an article on, that by Valentine’s Day, 92% of all New Year’s Resolutions have been broken. In light of that statistic, I thought it would be valuable to send out an encouraging word and some thoughts that may help you get back on the horse and finish what you’ve started. Read more here: