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Managing Taxes for the Future

Although over 36 million people lost their jobs due to the forced shutdown of America during the COVID-19 crisis, I believe that approximately a third of those jobs have come back. Please don’t listen to politicians who say that we are in the greatest job creation period of our lifetimes – that statement is quite laughable. At best, we are in the greatest job recovery period. The truth of the matter is that we are in a time of complete and utter chaos and fear-mongering.

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The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

diy13 / stock.adobe.comAs we continue to press forward into what I have branded as “the year of uncertainty,” we continue to navigate markets in an environment of extremely high volatility. The volatility index, often referred to as the VIX, or the “fear index” is currently trading at around 30. During normal economic environments, when not dealing with a global health crisis, nationwide shutdowns of certain industries and weird executive orders being implemented on a unilateral basis, the VIX is perfectly happy trading around the 10-12 area. What this indicates is how much investors are willing to pay for protection of their portfolio. Which will it be, red or blue? Read more here in this month’s My City Article.

Where We Go from Here

IRStone / stock.adobe.comUnfortunately, the last four months have brought quite a bit of turmoil. U.S. unemployment numbers were at a historic, record low of below 4% for 23 consistent months, only to be destroyed by a nationwide stay-at-home order that decimated our workforce. It is estimated that over 36 million people lost their jobs between the end of March and the beginning of June, and our unemployment rate is the worst since the Great Depression.* In fact, the currently horrible economic numbers can only be compared to those experienced during the 1930s. Go here to read more!

Wow! Risk Happens fast!

Don’t let emotions get the best of you.

I encourage you to not act out of fear, but from a spirit of strength. America will survive COVID-19 and we will be united, and stronger than ever. I will pray for all MCM readers, and look forward to seeing you at the huge party we will have when this is over. Read Joel LaGore’s full article here. 

Assessing Your Risks

Now is the time. For three years, we have encouraged clients to stay invested at the high end of their risk tolerance… It is at this point that we encourage you to take a good, hard look at your Risk Tolerance and how your portfolio is positioned. We are encouraging our clients to go from their upper range of risk tolerance and market exposure to the lower end of their personalized range. Each individual investor is different. There is no “one-size-fits-all” investment management or risk management.

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