OLV – Boys & Girls Club
Service Day

May 2019

Each employee at OLV Investment Group has a heart for children. So, when the team met with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, it was an instant connection. “The way that they serve and empower vulnerable children speaks to a lot of us here,” Libby VanValin, OLV President of Culture and Communication, explained.

That’s why on May 8, 2019 all fifteen OLV employees took time out of their day to do manual labor at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint location. “The leaders at Boys and Girls club told us it would take them days to move the 30 yards of mulch for the playground. We took that as a challenge and moved it all in 50 minutes,” Libby laughed. Not only did the team surpass the club’s expectation for the playground, the hardworking group also cleaned the building, organized some of their donations, and mowed their medicine wheel garden. The Boys and Girls club was astonished and grateful for the amount of work completed.

When asked why OLV was able to do so much work in a single day, Libby said, “Grace, Growth, Grit and Generosity are the core values that reflect our company. It really is that core value of ‘Grit,’ that is exemplified here. For us that ‘put your head down, get the work done, happy to serve,’ mindset is very fulfilling for everyone in this company. Everyone has a motivation to work hard and get a lot done.”

Each year, nearly 1,500 children are serviced by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint. Their mission is, “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those that need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.” They do this by providing meals, donating hundreds of hours of homework help, encouraging physical activity, assisting in college applications, and much more.

While the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint expressed their gratitude for the team’s help, the OLV employees stated they were the ones blessed by the day’s work. “We were looking for something that could really be impactful – not just serving to make ourselves feel good, but serving to actually help and better an organization,” Libby said. “This work day was a great opportunity to be a light in our community, and we were very thankful to do it.”

 To learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, visit www.bgclubflint.org.


OLV – Bring Your Child
To Work Day

April 2019

“The American child is a highly intelligent human being – characteristically sensitive, humorous, open-minded, eager to learn, and has a strong sense of excitement, energy, and healthy curiosity about the world in which he lives. Lucky indeed is the grown-up who manages to carry these same characteristics into adult life. It usually makes for a happy and successful individual.”
“Deeds Rather Than Words.” Essay by Walt Disney, 1963.

On April 25, 2019, eleven children stepped through the doors of the Durant Building and into the work world of OLV Investment Group for the annual Bring your Child to Work Day event. “The heart behind Bring your Child to Work Day is to connect not only to our employees, but also to the families of our employees,” said Libby VanValin, President of Culture and Communication. “This is a great way to reach the kids and make them feel a part of us.”

The day started off with guest speaker Matt Oliver entertaining both kids and adults with skits, coloring and interactive lessons as he spoke on the company’s theme this year – JOY.

The kids then went on a tour of the Flint office, stopping at each employee’s desk to learn about his/her job.

After enjoying lunch and receiving delicious cake-covered apples from the Flint Farmer’s Market Gourmet Apple Cart, the children engaged in hands-on work by participating in the counting and sorting of gifts for the annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox service project, which takes place in October.

Bring Your Child to Work Day not only provided a fun day for the children, but also gave OLV the opportunity to pour into the hearts, minds and lives of our employees’ families.

OLV – Operation Christmas Child

October 2018

At our seventh annual OLV Operation Christmas Child Service Project, we were once again able to pack 600 boxes! This is an opportunity to pack shoebox size boxes full of little gifts – from bouncy balls to socks, from bracelets to bars of soap, from stuffed animals to flashlights – any gifts for the ages of two to fourteen that can fit in the box! This gift box is the first present many children have ever received! The treasures and personal letters inside communicate that someone cares for them. The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world. We love packing these gift boxes and being a part of an event that can truly be life changing to a child in another part of the world.

Including the OLV staff, we totaled close to 60 able bodied packers made up of friends and family. Working together as a team, these boxes were packed with love, joy and hope. Our first year we packed 50 boxes – and have upped the ante to 600! Who knows what next year will bring? As the OLV family grows and changes we continually seek to invest, increase and impact.

A small box can make a big impact. The items in the box are material, but what comes out is eternal. We are thrilled to share the name of Jesus through the power of a simple gift donated to Operation Christmas Child.

OLV – Client Appreciation Dinner

September 2018


We held our 8th Annual OLV Client Appreciation Dinner (and even longer for those Dean has had the privilege to serve)! Traditionally, the dinner is held on a Friday. This year we decided to give Saturday a go, with the hope of seeing our regulars and some newbies.

With over 300 guests, the room was buzzing as old friends caught up and new friendships were made. After enjoying our delicious family style chicken dinner, ventriloquist David Crone took the stage. David has been making people laugh for over 30 years with his unique blend of comedy, ventriloquism, and magic.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and look forward to this evening where we have a chance to honor them.

Fourth Annual OLV Family Summer Fun Event

July 2018

Our Inside – Outside party was for all OLV employees and their families to enjoy an evening of fun. We had plenty of activities for all ages. Not one, but two bounces houses, yard games, swimming, boating, and of course the ever amazing OLV fireworks display. And let’s not forget the super yummy BBQ for dinner. As always, we had a wonderful evening spending time with each other.

OLV – Client Appreciation Dinner

September 2017

Our annual Client Appreciation Event took place on Friday, September 22, 2017 – our seventh as the ever evolving family of OLV Investment Group. We still have clients join us for their first time along with others that have enjoyed dinner with us each time they have been invited.

Over 300 of our clients, their families, or their friends dined at Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Inn. Over the classic family style chicken dinner, the art and music of Empty Canvas was enjoyed. Mike McMath, along with his twin brother, musician Scott McMath, completed a painting of the Frankenmuth Covered Bridge over the course of the evening, while singing lead and back-up vocals as background music. The lovely painting was the Grand Prize of the evening, after an additional nine gifts were given away to various guests. The successful gift give away is just one way OLV tries honor and show appreciation for such amazing clients. Of course the evening ended with the traditional OLV closing, “God Bless America” sung a cappella.

We appreciate all those who joined us for this wonderful evening and look forward to seeing many of our friends again. Be on the lookout for your invitation near summer’s end 2018.

Third Annual OLV Family Summer Fun Event

July 2017

Henry Ford stated “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” The positive work environment in the OLV offices stems from positive relationships. We enjoy spending time together as friends and families and a summer get together is a great time to visit, watch fireworks and of course EAT!

Our 2017 Annual OLV Summer Family Fun event was full of twists and turns! Our destination, Greenfield Village’s “Salute to America” concert and fireworks show. We had an amazing evening full of laughter, joy and a little Murphy’s Law.

Parking at the event is at a premium, so taking a party bus was a fabulous idea. Win, win, win, until they didn’t show up. That led to a mad scramble to coordinate transportation. After parking our vehicles, we paraded over a mile with all our snacks, lawn chairs, bags, and coolers to reach the lawn. A few thousand people had already arrived, so we placed ourselves on a seemingly innocent “little” hill.

To prevent unwanted rolling down the hill, most of us sat on picnic blankets and enjoyed a preshow of comedy and magic provided by the talented OLV family. Our little perch did have a wonderful view of the stage, musicians and what we thought would be a great view of the fireworks. Alas! Murphy’s Law was in full effect…the fireworks went off on the opposite end and were beautifully displayed right in the middle of the two giant trees that hung over us. So, we each scooched, wiggled or relocated to see a spectacular view of the fireworks.

In the end, the children thought it was a wonderful adventure and the adults couldn’t help but be amused by the imperfection of it all. We will fondly reminisce over these memories for years to come!

A few scrapes and bruises and a couple of bug bites can’t take the joy out of spending time together! From the babies to the patriarchs, the summer picnic truly resembles a family gathering. Infectious laughter, a gorgeous summer day along with a commitment to each other brings out the best of the OLV team which creates an even greater spirit of camaraderie and enhanced productivity!