Susie is Starting a New Chapter!

October 2020

Susie has been a staple at OLV. Her depth of history and knowledge about our company and clients is incredible! She worked for Dean for 15 years before Dean joined forces and OLV was formed. Susie has been with us every day for the last 8 years for a total of 23 years! What a wonderful legacy of loyalty, hard work, and dedication. Susie has worn many hats over the years and seen many changes in her tenure; she has laughingly shared about the copy machine, the phones, and the internet. So many changes have occurred and yet Susie has adapted at every stage. The constant for Susie has always been Dean and Zan Oliver. When asked about what was the most memorable about her time with OLV this was her answer: “Over the past 20 some years I have had many precious memories. Being a part of the OLV family is one of the greatest blessings in my life. God answered my prayer just when I needed Him too. Dean asking me to come work for him. The way I was loved and respected by the Oliver family was something that I had never experienced! Having flowers on my desk for my birthday and flowers just because I was appreciated, I just could not believe anyone could be so kind and thoughtful as Dean & Zan Oliver. Truly a life full of blessings for my last 25 years!”

We are so grateful for how Susie loved and served amongst us at OLV. It is bittersweet for us to say goodbye, but Susie is so excited for what is to come. As she looks forward to her future, we asked what fun things she would be up to and this is what she said: “I am blessed to have wonderful loving children, grandchildren, family, and friends! I will spend time with them! Loving and enjoying God’s blessings He has blessed me with!”

Susie has a zest and enthusiasm for life that are inspiring.  We are so grateful for the many ways she has poured into our lives here at OLV. She will be greatly missed, but we are thrilled to see what this next season will hold for her!

Congratulations, Karen!

September 2020

Karen celebrated her milestone birthday of 70 this year and decided it was time for a change. She worked for OLV for 6 years and was in the industry for 9 years! What a wonderful display of hard work and dedication. Karen did many things while employed at OLV, but a main task was doing the scheduling for client meetings. When asked what was most memorable about her time with OLV this was her answer: “Interacting with clients was a highlight of my time at OLV.  Chatting with them while scheduling appointments and greeting them on arrival created an opportunity for getting to know many of them on a much deeper level.”

There is a common theme in Karen’s life for anyone who knows her – the thing she always loves most is the people! When asked what she would miss at OLV her quick response was: “The PEOPLE:  coworkers, clients, and other building occupants from other companies, as well as the building staff.  You know, ‘if you love what you’re doing and you’re doing what you love, you never work a day in your life!’  I felt that way at OLV.  And it wasn’t because of the daily grind of work; it was because of the human relationships.  Did we all have our assignments and responsibilities?  Yes, we did.  But we got the job done, and done without drudgery, because we had each other.  No matter how tense the situation, there was always someone – and usually lots of someones – to keep the joy of life alive and well. “

We are so grateful for how Karen loved and served amongst us at OLV and are sad to see her transition to this next chapter of life. As she looks forward to her future we asked what fun things she would be up to and this is what she said: “Definition of ‘fun’ – as a noun it means ‘light-hearted pleasure’ – bring on the grandkids! As an adjective fun means ‘amusing, entertaining, enjoyable’ – can’t wait to begin traveling to make reconnections with friends and loved ones, including the older brother whom I have yet to meet. As a verb fun means ‘to joke or tease’ – so I’ll just wrap this into my interactions whenever the ‘need’ arises.”

Her love of writing and the English language sure came through there – another of her many gifts she shared during her tenure with OLV. She will be greatly missed, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will use her in this next season!


OLV All-Staff Birthday Party

January 2020

60…59…58…57…. The clock was ticking. Three teams of OLV employees were locked in separate rooms, frenziedly putting their brains together to solve the clues to escape. They had to search high and low for number combinations, word puzzles and prop hints to find their way out in just one hour’s time.

This was the scene of the 2020 OLV Birthday Party. Each year OLV Investment Group celebrates the staff members’ birthdays in one grand party, and this year they decided to take a crack at the codes of “Puzzled Escape” Brighton, Michigan.

Following the problem solving, the group then enjoyed the local cuisine at The Wooden Spoon Restaurant followed by a decadent chocolate cake made especially for OLV by Bobby Cakes.

OLV Employee Christmas Party

December 2019



Joy and laughter filled the air as the OLV employees and their spouses joined together for the annual staff Christmas party. This year’s gathering was held at Diamond Steak and Seafood Restaurant in the quaint downtown of Howell, MI.

The team took a stroll down memory lane as they watched a video filled with photos from the past year. Packages and bows were passed around as each employee had previously drawn the name of a coworker for which to purchase a gift.

OLV believes in the importance of unity. So, hosting team events like the Christmas party allows the employees to get to know each other and their spouses at a deeper level.

OLV Family Summer Fun Event

July 2019


Joyful chatter, children running barefoot through the grass and the smell of BBQ filling the warm outside air was the scene for the 2019 OLV Family Summer Fun event. Between conversation with coworkers and their families, adults enjoyed leisurely lake outings on the paddle boat or tested their aim at a round of “Can Jam” or “Cornhole.” Kids raced back and forth between cannon-balling off the water raft, careening down the giant bouncy slide, and soaring on the trampoline. The perfect Independence Day week summer night ended with a grand fireworks display, launched by our very own Jesse VanValin and Joel LaGore. We had a wonderful time building relationships with OLV employees and their families, making us a tighter group to provide better service for our clients.


OLV – Bring Your Child
To Work Day

April 2019

“The American child is a highly intelligent human being – characteristically sensitive, humorous, open-minded, eager to learn, and has a strong sense of excitement, energy, and healthy curiosity about the world in which he lives. Lucky indeed is the grown-up who manages to carry these same characteristics into adult life. It usually makes for a happy and successful individual.”
“Deeds Rather Than Words.” Essay by Walt Disney, 1963.

On April 25, 2019, eleven children stepped through the doors of the Durant Building and into the work world of OLV Investment Group for the annual Bring your Child to Work Day event. “The heart behind Bring your Child to Work Day is to connect not only to our employees, but also to the families of our employees,” said Libby VanValin, President of Culture and Communication. “This is a great way to reach the kids and make them feel a part of us.”

The day started off with guest speaker Matt Oliver entertaining both kids and adults with skits, coloring and interactive lessons as he spoke on the company’s theme this year – JOY.

The kids then went on a tour of the Flint office, stopping at each employee’s desk to learn about his/her job.

After enjoying lunch and receiving delicious cake-covered apples from the Flint Farmer’s Market Gourmet Apple Cart, the children engaged in hands-on work by participating in the counting and sorting of gifts for the annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox service project, which takes place in October.

Bring Your Child to Work Day not only provided a fun day for the children, but also gave OLV the opportunity to pour into the hearts, minds and lives of our employees’ families.