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An Attitude of Gratitude

“In a nation with so much excess, so much opportunity and so much wealth, we have much for which to be thankful… [But] in my opinion, our world is becoming so ‘self’ focused, that it is driving us to the brink of insanity. When we continually buy into corporate marketing schemes and are always thinking about what ‘we’ want, and what ‘we’ need to make ourselves happy, we lose the ability to see what we already have.”

Read “An Attitude of Gratitude” by OLV’s Joel LaGore, in this month’s My City Magazine article here.

Why You Should be Saving Money

I am excited to see that people are starting to make wiser decisions when it comes to their finances; but when we look at other developed countries, we start to see the greater picture of our spending relative to some of our global neighbors. Read the full article details by clicking here.

Sweet Emotion

In the words of the great Aerosmith, “Talk about things that nobody cares,” is precisely related to the title of this article and very aptly named after the band’s 1975 Top 40 hit, “Sweet Emotion.”

In mid-August, a well-known economic indicator surfaced that historically has predicted a future economic downturn. This indicator is known as the dreaded “inverted yield curve.” Read more about “Sweet Emotion” by clicking here.

Ask for That Raise!

The strong economic undercurrent is starting to be felt in the pockets of Main Street America! Read more of Joel’s article here: “ask for that raise!”

A Slippery Slope

Infrastructure, healthcare, Welfare reform, all need to be addressed and I’m excited for solutions to be presented: