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The Comeback We Can Participate In!

We live in an area that stems from greatness! Our roots run deep and our work ethic runs deeper. Our city of Flint, Michigan has had its ups and downs in the past, and thanks to some local entrepreneurs with great vision, we are again on the upswing.



The Cost of Higher Education

According to, the current average tuition expense for a four year degree at a U.S.public institution is estimated to be about $39,500 – but room and board doubles that expense. As well, the average annual tuition increase over the past ten years has been about 5% per year. Read more here


Freedom to Make Change

When talking financial freedom, the Golden Rule of Finances states:

Protect Your Family

Let me ask you: if you are not able, who will care for your family and how? Read more here

Spring Cleaning – Doesn’t only apply to housework

Read more about this chart here:

Documentation Duration
Vehicle Titles Until sold or discarded
Loan Documentation Until paid in full
Mortgage Statements Until property sold
Credit Card Records Until paid in full unless needed for taxes
Social Security Statements One year
Monthly Investment Statements One year
Reconciled Bank Statements One
State and Federal Income Tax Returns Seven years along with supporting documentation including W-2 and 1099 forms, charitable contribution and tax deduction receipts, real estate records
Annual Investment Statements Seven years
Birth Certificates Forever
Social Security Cards Forever
Passports Forever
Marriage/Divorce Papers Forever
Wills and/or Trust Documents Forever
Insurance Policies
(annually update household inventory)
Pension and Retirement Plan Records Forever
Medical Records Forever
Education Records Forever