OLV Support Team

Julie Bowers | Marketing and Advertising Director

With her artistic skill and eye for color, you’ll see Julie Bower’s design talents on display in all sorts of OLV Investment Group communications, mailings, gifts, events and anywhere else she can add her creative touch!

Julie graduated from Central Michigan University in 1988 with a double Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Interior Design. From there she worked at a graphic design company, and then went on to the news advertising world before joining LaGore Wealth Management in 2009. When OLV Investment Group was formed in 2012, it was obvious that Julie’s talents could help the new team! So, she came aboard, and has been involved in driving the company forward ever since.

Julie and her husband have two young-adult children: a daughter and a son. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys being the secretary and event organizer at Flushing Point Church of Christ. She also helped start the first Plant-Based Nutrient Support Group (PBNSG) small group in Genesee County and continues to be a hostess for this organization. When she’s not keeping busy in the Flint and Genesee County area, her wanderlust guides her to the great outdoors and around the globe.

Holly Casady | Client Service Associate

Holly Casady isn’t afraid of a new challenge! As Client Service Associate, she is responsible for keeping clients’ paperwork prepared and processed as well as managing various other tasks to assist the financial advisors.

Holly’s experiences range from clerking to corporate managing to software developing and computer programming. In 2019 Holly joined the OLV Investment Group team, bringing with her organizational abilities, an aptitude for technology, a detail-oriented mindset and the knack to quickly learn new skills.

With the sun setting on the beautiful Fiji ocean waters, Holly’s 2019 beach wedding could easily be a scene in a romantic movie! But her husband isn’t her only love – she also has a brown tabby named Sadie II and red-nosed pit-bull named Ares. Her hobbies and interests clearly display that she has a love for learning new things! She enjoys: tooling around on her motorcycle, singing (she sat on the Board of Directors for a 501c3 a cappella choir), reading (she’s part of a neighborhood book club), hand quilting, cross stitching, gardening, walking, watching movies, playing cards and board games, American Sign Language and, as if the other hobbies weren’t varied enough, she also enjoys assembling furniture.

Victoria Dick | Executive Administrative Assistant

Vickie Dick is a hard-working go-getter! Her determination and team mindset adds immense value as she serves in her role as Administrative Executive Assistant. She wears many hats and is always ready to learn and implement something new. She helps to keep things running smoothly at OLV.

Vickie has a multitude of work experiences that brings extraordinary depth to her role. She gained 30 years of expertise through Executive Assisting and Corporate Event planning for organizations like the Salvation Army as well as American Express Global. In November 2020 Vickie joined the OLV Investment Group team, bringing with her many problem-solving skills, organizational tools, and a strong attention to detail. Vickie’s friendly, competent, and engaging style make her the perfect fit for OLV.

Vickie and her husband have been married since 2005 and between them have 6 children and 11 grandchildren. They also own their own construction company so there is never a dull moment in their household! Vickie loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids. Many summer days she can be found relaxing in her pool enjoying the company of friends and family. She also has a love for the great outdoors, and in her free time you will find her gardening or reading.

Wendy Freeman | Client Service Associate

Wendy Freeman may be humble, but her work is definitely something of which to be proud! As Client Service Associate, she ensures the advisors’ days are well organized and prepared in order to better assist clients with their accounts. Her behind-the-scenes work is a vital part of keeping the OLV Investment Group team’s day-to-day tasks operating smoothly and efficiently.

Wendy studied at Schoolcraft College and Lansing Community College. From there she worked in retail management and then was a pharmaceutical technician before joining the OLV team in 2017.

Wendy and her husband are the proud parents of two children, a son and a daughter. She enjoys attending the kids’ sports events and other various activities. She uses her sweet personality at Flushing Community Church where she serves at the Welcome Desk. Her hobbies include reading, shopping and golfing with her husband.

Stacey Hoover | Client Service Associate

Stacey Hoover is a people person who “never meets a stranger!” Her warm, empathetic personality has been a great asset to the OLV Investment Group team as she takes care of the client dictations, schedules and ensures files are up to date. She has worked with Scott Carty since 2014, and was a welcome addition to the OLV family when she came with him to our team in September 2018.

It’s no wonder Stacey can relate to people so well. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University in 2003. During and after her collegiate career she worked in several customer service roles, and she brings this interpersonal experience to the table daily at OLV!

Stacey and her husband are very involved in their son’s life. From going to music lessons, baseball games, basketball games and more, she enjoys the busy mom life. She also enjoys worshiping with her family at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, MI and uses her beautiful voice in singing praises on the Worship Team. When she can sneak some quiet time, her favorite past-times are sipping coffee with friends or simply reading a good book on her front porch with her husband by her side.   


Zan Oliver | Event Coordinator, Marketing Assistant

For as many years as Dean has provided financial service, Zan has been by his side. However, don’t be misled by her preference to work behind the scenes. Her creativity really shines through the many personalized design pieces created for OLV. Her ability to always add to the creative process brings about the best design possibilities. Her responsibilities with the marketing team demonstrate her desire for you to see OLV on a personal level, as she helps to create meaningful ways to communicate through cards, invitations and brochures. As well, she pours out her warm welcoming spirit as she leads the Hospitality team. If she is working on an external client outing like a seminar or a special event, you will sense she planned with you in mind. The same holds true for her generous internal planning for the staff. Her heart beats for this company and whether you are a friend, guest or a stranger you will feel her outpouring of love.

Zan and Dean were married in 1975, and it was that same year Dean began his career in the financial industry. Dean began selling life insurance for his uncle, and Zan was always there to encourage and aid him in his career. After Dean’s uncle passed away, Dean began his own company that widened the scope of his financial business to include annuities and securities, and Zan assisted him in this new endeavor. Then, in 2012 Zan and Dean joined with Joel and Sonya LaGore and Jesse and Libby VanValin to form OLV Investment Group. Zan’s hospitable nature, sincere care for others and love for people made her the perfect fit to spear-head the hospitality group and be a vital member of the marketing team.

Zan and Dean have had a wonderful life together with their four children and fifteen grandchildren! They love spending time with their kids and grandkids, especially when they’re out splashing on the lake. They are also very involved at Bristol Road Church of Christ where they host small groups at their home, are a part of the shepherding team, and where Zan has taught the 4th/5th Grade Bible class for over twenty years.

Hanni Oskey | Culture and Communications Assistant

Hanni Oskey’s roots run deep in the OLV family tree, both literally and figuratively. As the daughter of Dean and Zan Oliver, she has gleaned from the wisdom acquired through their career journey. It was their love for people and generosity that helped mold her into the caring, people-oriented person she is today.

Hanni’s love for people is contagious! Her bright, fun-loving disposition makes her the perfect complement to our OLV team!  Her people-skills, along with her hard-working nature, allow her to excel at her role on the Ministry/Hospitality team. She is often the first voice you hear when you call and the first face to greet you upon arrival in the Flint office. She serves our clients and staff with the utmost care and seeks to brighten everyone’s day.

Hanni went to work in 2002 for her parents, Dean and Zan Oliver, where she began learning the documentation side of the financial industry. She worked for them on-and-off for a total of five years as she began growing her family. Before that, she had attended high school with Sonya LaGore, Jesse and Libby VanValin. So, the OLV Investment Group “family” naturally became a welcome place for her when she returned to the industry in 2019.

Hanni is a busy mom of three high-energy boys. She spends much of her time outdoors with her kids, biking, swimming, sledding, hiking and more. In addition to bringing up her boys, Hanni is also an active member of Bethany Baptist Church in Grand Blanc.

Bernadette Rainear, OLV Investment Group

Bernadette Rainear | Transition Specialist & CSA Supervisor

Bernadette Rainear’s straightforward, systematic and results-oriented work ethic gives her the ability to make the paperwork process as smooth as possible for the clients. Her history as a school teacher makes her the perfect fit for the role of Client Service Associate (CSA) Supervisor in which she trains new customer service associates and assistants, educates the staff when operational processes and procedures are updated, and oversees the client paperwork. Additionally, as “Transitions Specialist” Bernadette manages the process of transferring client accounts and relationships to OLV Investment Group when a new financial advisor is hired.

Bernadette graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Pillsbury College in 1992, and the following year she received her MN Teaching License & Certificate from Concordia College and became fully licensed in Michigan. She went on to teach six years as a first-grade teacher and another six years as a preschool teacher. During this time, she also took classes at Oakland University, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. After teaching for a dozen years, Bernadette went to work for Dean Oliver at what was then called “Harvest Financial Group.” At this time, Jesse VanValin was also employed there. Bernadette’s husband (who is also a teacher) had taught and/or soccer-coached three of Dean’s children, Jesse and his wife Libby. When Joel and Sonya came along and OLV Investment Group was formed, Bernadette was no stranger to them either! She had taught their two daughters and her husband had taught/coached Sonya. So, Bernadette was integrated into the team long before she even considered the financial industry.

Bernadette and her husband have been married since 1993. They are the proud parents of their son, who is a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy (USNA), and they count down the days until their next visit with him.  They have also been blessed and gifted with their daughter, who is an active high school student. When not attending her daughter’s volleyball and soccer games or horse shows, she enjoys exercising. She has Kettlebell certifications, attends yoga weekly and likes to walk and run. She’s also involved in Mayfair Bible Church, where she is part of a small group.


Jim Simmonds | OLV Tax

Jim Simmonds may technically be retired, but he keeps busy helping the OLV Investment team nonetheless! Jim worked for Legacy Estate & Financial from 1998 to 2016 where he did the accounting, bookkeeping, earned his Series 7, and started doing client taxes. From there, he joined the OLV team and worked as “OLV Tax” before retiring from the everyday workforce in May 2017. However, despite being retired, Jim continues to prepare taxes and answer any tax related questions for OLV Investment Group.

Jim and his wife Linda have three daughters and five grandchildren. He enjoys spending his semi-retirement days fishing, boating and at the beach.