OLV Support Team

Susie Booth - OLV Investment Group

Susie Booth | Executive Administrative Assistant

Nine times out of ten, the friendly voice you hear on the phone will be Susie. Having a chat with you is the highlight of her day with the exception of finding out how she can help you. Her warmth and friendliness brighten the office and everybody benefits from her happy spirit.

Having served for almost 21 years, she is a constant resource for almost any need and question or can quickly get you to the best person to help.

Julie Bowers - OLV Investment Group

Julie Bowers | Marketing and Advertising Director

With her artistic skill and eye for color, Julie is a true designer. She left Central Michigan University with a double Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Interior Design. Her experience in the advertising art department with the Flint Journal has only been our gain.

Her desire to communicate the financial services we offer motivates her to present you with polished informative material. Maintaining the office calendar at large, you will have timely announcements of any pertinent upcoming event.

Wendy Freeman | Client Service Associate

Wendy adds tremendous value by assisting the financial advisors to provide exceptional service to our clients. Previously employed in customer care with a well-known healthcare department, she gained valuable work experience that has transitioned well to the financial industry.

Great value is added with Wendy’s organizational skills, her ability to analyze information and efficiently accomplish tasks. She currently stays busy gathering report information, preparing paperwork and answering phones. Her empathy while discussing issues aids in cultivating a friendly environment.

Stacey Hoover | Client Service Associate

With over 20 years of client relations experience, Stacey continues to put her knowledge and skills to good use. She has worked with Scott since 2014; however, she is new to the OLV team. Her dedication to clients and her passion for helping people is apparent in everything she does which makes her a wonderful addition. Stacey continues to grow and stretch in her professional and personal life. She’s taking on this new challenge with her usual sunny disposition and dedication.

Stacey lives with her husband and their precious son in Plymouth, MI. She enjoys worshiping with her family at their local church and uses her beautiful voice to singing praises on the Worship Team.

Karen Jeffries - OLV Investment Group

Karen Jefferies | Service Associate

Her quick wit and sun-shiny spirit come through when she takes a call from you, and Karen remains diligent to finish any task assigned to her. Providing each representative with whatever client information needed, she keeps things organized – whether calendar items or basic files. She enjoys working through all kinds of projects and, after earning her degree in education, she has done everything from teaching high school to bookkeeping.

Karen has the know-how needed to get things done or figure out a new way. With her tender sense of compassion, she loves to work with people and will go out of her way to be a help to, and for, you.

Bernadette Rainear, OLV Investment Group

Bernadette Rainear | Client Service Associate

Opening any type of financial account requires paperwork and many signatures. With a Master’s degree in early childhood and a background in teaching, Bernadette is experienced at efficiently juggling many requests and tasks all at once.

Your forms and documents will be processed as quickly as possible and she will work diligently to resolve issues in a timely fashion. Keeping your files accurate and organized is her secret fascination and you can trust she does her best to keep track of the specifics.


Jim Simmonds | Comptroller

Management in retail gave Jim an uncanny skill in working well and growing relationships with all people types and personalities. Already friends with Bob Stuart through his wife Linda, it was a seamless transition to join them in the office taking over the responsibilities of accounting and bookkeeping. Earning his Series 7 Designation only deepened his understanding of the business. A trouble shooter by nature, he can help you with your taxes or find understandable answers to questions that may come up in providing service for your planning needs.985x20