We take the time to get to know you, your family, personal values and financial goals. We put your money to work in many shapes and forms. OLV stays current with investment scenarios that stay focused on wealth management. Through the use of alternative investments and multi-managed strategic platforms, we can find appropriate materials to build your financial future.


We are here to help you make successful, prudent investment decisions.



…By our commitment to excellence

We remain dedicated to creating an environment designed around the personal needs of each individual. We want you to feel comfortable with the fit you find with OLV. Success comes from working for you as we grow together towards common purposes. By providing a broad scope of offerings, from tactical platform managers to alternative investments, we develop a plan that works for you.



…Our world for good

Guided by faith, wisdom, and integrity, Oliver•LaGore•VanValin Investment Group aspires to become a top financial management firm. We remain uncompromising in our attention to individual and personalized service for each of our clients while purposely seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. We commit to manage wealth for our clientele while leaving a legacy of love in our communities and throughout the world.